The summer wind, and a thought for food

August 13, 2019

As summer wind meets an autumn swell,

though leaves may cascade and litter the floor,

atop the foamy waves all is well

as each break crashes, they glide down the shore


and cry for more as summertime ends,

at one with the blue skies and rocksteady reefs

where shoals are born as budding new friends

who venture yet further with growing belief.




Shadows cast in the evening sun dance

and beckon relief amidst the turning tide,

when golden hour ushers in the chance

to reflect on heady days, eyes open wide


to the earnest angst which fills the world

as above the glass ceiling intensifies

and we, below, see all that’s unfurled

while those beyond the pane seem less than wise.




Yet, though we may reach the acid clouds,

down here where roots spread beyond crudely drawn lines

we are connected and we are loud:

optimistic while we may share like minds


and let beanstalks twist up to the sky

where dreams are made, as we climb their tendrils

and scale great heights up where the birds fly

as nature climbs through the cracks, the Earth thrills


and breathes in the air of change with mirth,

in a multispectral playground of light

that parts the weary clouds and gives birth

to a sunkissed wave of empowered delight. 




Thought for food, and of positive change,

where autumn leaves fall, soon Spring will come again

and the autumn swell that churns the waves

will rise up as clouds and come down as rain


to fertilise those fresh leaves of Spring

and bring joy and life where once was decay:

what was shed becomes food for saplings,

which grow strong and embrace each bright new day.





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