In defense of aristocracy

March 5, 2019

And there they descend, one and all,
to rob me of my wits,
defenceless, against their witlessness,
driven up the sea life aquarium wall.


And there they flash, despite the wall's
clear sign. Splash! The turtle's wits
vanished along with mine. What line?
Oh, don't mind me, barge right on in.


And yet they may descend, one and all,
equipped with voting slips
in hand, despite their lacking wits,
I stand idly by, lamenting it all.


Why? Is it legal for them to vote,
but I am prohibited
from punching each of them in the head?
There's nothing in there to damage of note.


And so they descend, one and all,
my redundant fists
quivering, yet listlessly, 
clenched into unsatiated balls.




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