Brexit apoplectic (a monumental shart)

March 5, 2019

Brexit apoplectic,

No-one knows what they want

Except for those of us

Who hope, more in vain than despair,

That Spain might invade Gibraltar

And the whole problem would disappear

In the foggy fever of war.


And what's been revealed

From this monumental shart?

An imbecilic political elite,

Opposed by a wet paper bag

Against an undercurrent of bigotry

And mass neuronal redundance

The likes of which might justly cause

Brains to spontaneously combust in protest.


About as robust as an Italian road bridge,

May's knights of a three-legged table

Stand aghast, as Boris cackles,

Watching it teeter with the saw in hand,

And Juncker spanks May with the leg,

Cantankerously, deviant,

Tusk and all.




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