Between the Mountain and the Sea

August 12, 2018



Between the mountain and the sea,
A city emerges,
To the samba beat,
Which builds as the waves
Lap along the Copacabana shore;
Clapping along with the rhythm,
They rap on the door

Of the House of Carijó.


Caipirinha in hands outstretched
In a fine Brazilian welcome;
For a multispectral carnival
Of Thought For Food
And food for thought.
Building to a crescendo
Of next generation dreams.


Which become reality
As the finalist teams come together to pitch
And learn, and share,
As part of a global family
Of change makers and game changers,
Who care
For a world in which, for many,

Food, water and nutrition are scarce.


A globally connected world,
Where ideas once stale
Now fly
Through optical fibres;
It is no longer good enough
To sit back and wonder why,


When many have plenty
But plenty more to give,
It’s on us to say here,
It’s time, let’s begin.
To catalyse a change,
We must innovate without,
Uproot the status quo
And renovate what’s within.


And where better to start than in Rio?
Between the mountain and the sea,
Where ten finalist teams
Come together to pitch 
And learn, and share,
As part of a global family
Of next generation dreams
That with Thought for Food
Become reality.

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