Us and them

August 9, 2018



Us… and them.

As Pink Floyd said, after all,

We’re all just ordinary men

And women.


The media paints a picture

Of right versus left,

Black versus white,

Rich versus poor,

Humble versus might.


But a tinted lens

Blocks out shades of light

That might cast doubt

On crystal clear assertions.


The light shines

From all directions,

Reflects and refracts

Through multiple dimensions.


If, in election we’re defeated,

We must reach out and make the best of it,

Not retreat into bubbles

And preach out against it.


Yes, Donald Trump is a prick,

And it’s very easy for me to give him stick -

But he’s been nominated for a peace prize

And South Korea is backing it.


Multispectral thinking

Means looking from different perspectives,



Whether a climate change denier,

Or indeed - a believer,

Opulent omnivore,

Or frugal vegan…


We’re all complicit...


I want to to buy a fancy car

I want to travel near and far

I want to fly to Zanzibar

We're all complicit.


I want the latest Apple phone

I want to let my data roam

I want my life engraved in chrome

We're all complicit.


I want the latest fashion trend

I want to watch the money I spend

I want my Primani H&Emmed

We're all complicit.


I want my showers steaming hot

I want the stove to heat my pot

I want it all I want the lot

We're all complicit.




But what are we complicit in?

Overpriced tonic and German Gin?

Russian interventions in overseas elections?

Cambridge Analytica and Donald Trump’s erections?


<Google search> Ivanka Nudes </>


And there it appears on the news,


That wasted polar bear.

Skin sagging over bones,

We all know the image, a billion shares.

We pretend to care,

Hashtag “save the polar bear.”

But we don’t care about that bear.


As the climate quickly changes

We feign despair,

The mirror fills with steam

As the hypocrite

Shampoos his hair…


...we’re all complicit.


<Google search> Extinction </>

<Google search> Deforestation </>

<Google search> Environmental destruction </>


OK Google: What’s in my smartphone?


Oil for plastic,

Copper, zinc -

And where do we find it?

We mine it.


And where do we look,

Once the reserves run dry?

We plunder the rainforests

And the animals still die.


Paper straws are a soggy needle in an plastic-fueled haystack.


It’s easy to chastise big business, big pharma, big ag:

But are we any wiser?

And where would we be?


To uproot the status quo,

We must innovate without

And renovate from within.


Like all of these ten, wonderful finalist teams

Next generation dreams:

From snails to feathers,

Water and weather,

Fertilising grains,

And optimizing value chains.

Dairy and yoghurt,

Carrot-based chocolate,

Coating for shelf life

And respect for refugee life.




So a slice of positivity,

Through all this complicity.

In this globalised society

We have interconnectivity.


Yes, maybe a touch of human interaction

Would gain us a little more social traction

But just look at the tide of social action

Being played out through touch screens and optical fibres.


Across the seas,

We’re making waves

With people, who otherwise,

We’d never have made acquaintance.


E agora cá estou eu no Brasil

Prazer em conhecer todos vocês, e um privilegio estar aqui nessa cidade maravilhosa.


I would never even be here if I hadn’t reached out

On Facebook, to Crissy Spice,

About Thought for Food and feeding the world

With ideas as much as calories.

Like every one of us here,

From Agriman to Agrospheres,



Our biggest fears hold us back,

And keep us apart.

But together we’re set.


And where better to start than in Rio?

The House of Carijo...

Between the mountain and the sea,

Where ten finalist teams

Have come together to pitch

And learn, and share, and care,

As part of a global family

Of next generation dreams

That with Thought for Food

Win or lose,

Have every chance

To become





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