The elephant and the mouse

April 16, 2018



Astride the translucent elephant,
I ride next to an opaque mouse.
And by the by, the elephant sighed,
As a mouse scurried off to hide.

"It's I! It's I" A mouse softly cried,
While my elephant stumbled.
She looked in a mirror, and saw right through her,
With little yellow stripes in her eyes.

"But how can this be?" A chameleon said to me,
"An elephant and mouse, together and free?"
Said I to the lizard, "How can you not see?
My elephant is scared, not of mouse, but of trees."

"Of trees?"  Said chameleon, "Oh how can this be?
The elephant has trunk, and so does the tree."
Said I to the lizard, "My friend loves honey,
But my, oh my, is she scared of bees!"

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