The Honey is Gold (as featured on the BBC)

November 19, 2017



Obsessed with money and gold,

but rather more blessed with honey,

once we grow old, what room do we have

for coins in the purse?


To live without food is a curse.

a life well lived is a life well nourished -

we need bold new ideas for a changing earth, to flourish.


With biteback, for Orangutans, we can fight back,

a sustainable oil better than palm-based toil.

Our rainforests might just be saved from the plight,

of a hooven stampede if our animal feed

is in fact made from MagMeal waste not from grain.


With nowt to lose and plenty to gain,

with a Thought for Food we can brighten the refrain,

and hasten the future.


Where we look beyond borders and antiquated roles,

and like Shahida Begum search deep in our souls...

To change what we can, where we can, if we can.

Bees not money, the honey is gold.


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