What are we to do?

April 18, 2016


What is the want of any one of us?
Get schooled, get work, get paid.

Get paid, pay it back, and frittered away,
Always into the same few pockets.


It jingles loudly, it grows and balloons,
The gold sits in vaults while interest accrues.

And each year it swells as the workers dwell
On their meagre pay that'll end there as well.


We need to stop, to stop the rot
We work, we play, we pay, we pay.


No shame the greedy billionaires bliss
Top down? Bugger off, this never was witnessed.

It's been bottom up since day one, and again,
The top one percent piss all over us.


The bastards burn, the bastards abuse,
The bastards rape, they take us for fools.

But what on earth is a fool to do?

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