Terra crima

August 10, 2014


YE, bastions of mindless misery
Sink us under a hyperglycaemic fit,
Rendered blind beneath shroud, and seemingly

Free as the caged bird flutters pinned wings,
Immersed and writhing in excrement's soil.
The horned beast thrives not below but within

We blinkered who see not a soul in our spoils;
We ravenous rampage like virus through host,
The pathogen who reaps unrepentant toil.

This pestilence presses on ceaseless encroach,
Top-heavy with teeth sunken, sucking at vein.
The sepsis seeps through while the septic feel loathe

To poison vessels lest lose monet'ry gain,
Or the burgeoning vaults of countless fresh air,
With no breath for the poor, trampled in disdain.

Cry Shame! On this scum. Cry Shame! Nowt is fair;
The chimneys still choke, chide and crassly divide,
The fields lie in tatters, the rainforests bare.

As a scientist's flask of culture, finite
This steaming sphere about to suffocate
Due to hooved carcass yielding fat-feigned delight.

So long, the masses, apathetic abstain;
A pathetic future, so much for the brain.

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