Barack Attack

November 15, 2012


Obama’s back
With a Barack attack.

A Democratic whack
On Republican tack.

Mitt’s in the pits
With his questionable wits.

I’m in bits in fits
He ever got picked.


But I’m deflecting
My affection for
The media erection
Over the US election.

One presentable,
The other resentable,
At least the electorate
Selected the sensible.


Some might,
And I do, say
Has had its day.

The global sway
Of power play
Is straying East,
Allez Bombay.

Less of a superpower,
More like
A stupor-power;
In the jungles
Uncle Sam
Cowered under
Napalm shower.

In fact, to my mind,
The United States
Has only won one fight
Since 1945.
It's not quite right
This military might
Has bated plight
After unsavoury plight.

But maybe now
It's time to repent
What's been spent
On thinly vetted defence.
From a feted lender
To a net debtor;
Better pass the buck
Big spender.

Capitalist arrears
Draw jeers like Dumbo’s,
While the Politburo
Sneers into Kung Bo.

The indebted West’s
Truncating relevance
Trumped by Asia’s
Developing elephants.


Europe’s boom fruit
Truly bruised,
From Moulin Rouge
To frugal blues.

No more Can-Can,
It’s no can do;
EU in lieu
Under Jackie Chan’s shoe.

So let’s get it on
And bang a gong,
For the new King Kong
Hong Kong’s on song.

While the West mongs
On an economic bong,
Bing bong, pass the Dutchie,
The East’s long gone. 

From Obama's bling
To Xi Jinping,
My attention swings
To you Beijing.

A six thousand
Year empire
With more roads
Than Rome.
From China's
Inventive pyres
Rose the fire
Of Imperial desire.

The tide is high,

Demise is nigh;

Arise mighty China,
It’s time to ride.

On the breeze
And over the seas,

Like Chinese chippies
A new supremacy.
America exports
Maccy D’s
And KFC’s;

I’d rather have Dim Sum or Jalfrezi please.

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