Let's Step Forward

November 6, 2012


Let's step forward into 2150
12 billion people and half with no food to eat.
Despite all our warnings through global warming
We carried on depleting and repeating this wicked feat.

I look around me as my eyes draw water
But not like the wells because they've all run dry.
I'm trying not to cry but I can't fight the tide
While the people that surround me are all dying side by side.

They look at my clothes as I stand here alone
Frozen with compassion for those we abandoned long ago.
As one of them walks by he draws a sigh that echoes,
He turns to me and says "you're from the past, we know."

I'm speechless because what we've done to them is ruthless.
I could try and say sorry but an apology would be fruitless.
We all knew what we were doing was polluting the planet
But we carried on regardless as if somehow it would all work out.

As I wander through the empty, desolate fields
I remember the warnings of our diminishing yields.
Yet governments in high seats and those hungry for meat
Did little to ensure food was secure and replete.

There's no justifying the crimes that we have committed on this earth;
It's not like there was a dearth of evidence this would occur.
With our own eyes we witnessed ice caps melting in the distance
But not enough of us did anything to stop this.

I step back into the future and there are still those who don't care;
Like those who went before they're apathetic, feelings bare.
In Washington and London they live in ignorant abandon
Without a thought for the thousands in delapidation around them.

Why are us humans such a stubborn damn breed?
Why do we never stop to listen and take heed?
As Gandhi once said there's enough on Earth for man's needs
But nowhere near enough to satisfy man's greed.

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