You can find my poems published in Millennial, Ink Sweat and Tears, Thought for Food, SynBioBeta, and on two blogs - Topical Poetry and Prose-ac - which cover my journey as an aspiring poet (I refuse to censor my fledgling and early work, which I am proud of, for it was written on matters of great importance and, in fact, has reached a very broad readership with a great degree of positive impact) to where I am today, proudly the Resident Poet of Thought For Food.

My poems are often topical in nature, and cover themes around science, politics and society, mostly - often relating to the news of the day.

I perform and commission poetry for events worldwide, some of which you can find on my events and media page.

Below are some recent poems, presented using more visual means using newspaper clippings - as I'm often inspired by current events.

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