January 29, 2019

Some things change and so they should,

Some people don't though we wish they could

But there's gotta be sugar in a Yorkshire Pud'.

Some blame the man, old rich fuddy dud,

Some see the trees, missing the wood

But there's gotta be sugar in a Yorkshire Pud'.

Some remember poppi...

January 28, 2019

Into the depths plunge the drips of red,

Scarlet licks splatter a bare facade,

And high above, the shattered remnants glint

As burgundy-tinted shards.

Reflected back in a porcelain stain,

The vacant mist of autumn's light

Gently lifts the memory's refrain,

Lost as claret seep...

January 28, 2019

I arrive

at the Houses of Parliament gate,


lies May's pointy, bedraggled face,

tongue bent into a U-bend,

licking the shit

of a monumental floater

left by Cameron;

Refusing to plunge

but too slippery

to unblock,


Between a shitty brush

or a shitter flush.

January 28, 2019

Part 1: Big bang




Something forged out of a massive nothing,

A singular density,

The beginning of time.

A universe, at once infinitesimally small

And infinitely dense,

Foretelling our seemingly thin grip on reality.

As far as the eye can see,

Beyond even light...

January 28, 2019

I am lord of the dance!

Cried Farage

as he waltzed into Strasbourg

and dragged Britain out.

I am the wide mouthed frog!

Cried Cameron,

lord of the flies,

mouth full of piggy.

I am the lord of the pies!

Cried BoJo,

scratching at porkies

in a world full of fibs.

I am irrelevant!


January 28, 2019

How many eppendorf tubes

have been sacrificed

in the pursuit

of understanding

the toxic


of plastic waste?

How many latex gloves,

thrown idly asunder?

Some wonder

the fish


in an acid sea

of toxic death.

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