May 20, 2017

At EI, we like to probe the whole picture when it comes to decoding living systems. Investigating genomes isn’t worth much unless we can link this to what we can see, which is where phenomics comes in.

Dr Ji Zhou and his group are developing hardware and software tools...

May 10, 2017

As the fine orange grains of desert sands
Expand with the rising sun
Into new lands, aflame, the soils erode
To meandering dunes and smother
The withered remnants of fields in June.

But all the while and under the surface,
Barely scratched, the next great deserts
May be...

May 3, 2017

Plants are an incredibly versatile group of organisms that can survive in some very inhospitable locations, from acidic and nutrient-poor bogs to deserts and tundra.  Despite having to face some extreme conditions, plants have developed many ingenious methods of tolera...

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