November 22, 2012

Not to get cynical, but of all countries, I'd have thought that Israel would not be the one to get so clinical.

After the horror of the Holocaust, it's morose, but Israel has become like the child molested turned molester.

November 15, 2012

Obama’s back
With a Barack attack.

A Democratic whack
On Republican tack.

Mitt’s in the pits
With his questionable wits.

I’m in bits in fits
He ever got picked.

But I’m deflecting
My affection for
The media erection
Over the US election.

One presentable,
The other resentabl...

November 6, 2012

Let's step forward into 2150
12 billion people and half with no food to eat.
Despite all our warnings through global warming
We carried on depleting and repeating this wicked feat.

I look around me as my eyes draw water
But not like the wells because they've all run d...

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