September 19, 2019

The 2014 BIS report on Public Attitudes to Science highlighted the discrepancy between public enthusiasm for science and how that science is communicated, both to the general public and to the policy makers that can affect change based on modern scientific advances. 


August 13, 2019

As summer wind meets an autumn swell,

though leaves may cascade and litter the floor,

atop the foamy waves all is well

as each break crashes, they glide down the shore

and cry for more as summertime ends,

at one with the blue skies and rocksteady reefs

where shoals are born...

June 18, 2019

Under the watchful eye of the peregrine,

on Saturdays the bustling city sings

as shoppers from miles enjoy the surroundings

and the ale drinkers in pubs enjoy fine things

and toast to this fine city we’re living in.

Under the watchful eye of the peregrine,

no rural backwater...

April 5, 2019

Modern day elephants are now only found in pockets of African savannah, in the tropical forests of West and Central Africa, or scattered around South-East Asia. But elephants once roamed the earth, from the mighty mammoths of North America to the straight-tusked elepha...

April 5, 2019

With long read third generation genome sequencing, a lot more than we thought.

When we’re discussing what’s in a gene, we should probably take a step back… what even is a gene? The answer to this question is likely to vary greatly between scientists.

Dawkins suggested th...

April 4, 2019

Have you ever tried explaining something for the third time to someone? It’s tiresome, but maybe you just aren’t saying it properly. The perpetual struggle of science is this: the language simply doesn’t make sense (to anyone else, and very often most scientists).

A qui...

March 21, 2019

The "everything is fine and will be better" poems, #1

Stars shining bright above you,

  Mammas and Pappas.

    If they feared the future

      would they birth you?

Would we greet you with mirth

  as your head breaches the girth

    of Mammas vagina,


March 5, 2019


not easily ascribed to a scientist,

adjectively speaking.

Any man in need

of an insight into mansplaining

need only utter

a fluttering thought,

reasoned as it may be,

in the presence of a man

with a PhD.


the pursuit of the uncertain.

Its practitioners,

certain that...

March 5, 2019

Always the same,

the vain hope:

that the self-considered "experts"

might defer

to those in that same,

perhaps vain,

self-considered position

going by a different name.

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